BO2021 Speaker Presentations – 9

Tom Picken

Group Head of Marketing at BIMM Institute

Tom Picken is a creative digital marketing expert with 10 years’ experience in youth and education marketing. With a background in communication design, e-commerce, gamification and UX, he is committed to helping organisations define and shape the best user-focused experiences for their brand, products and services.

The keys to reaching and connecting with young people on social media

There’s a perception for many that the 16-24 year old demographic is the hardest one to reach. Young people are unique in their unparalleled access to information, their intuitive understanding of digital tools and social media, and hunger for individuality. With youth trends changing faster than a TikTok video feed, we need to have a much better understanding of this audience.

We are all guilty of looking for that magic solution – be that a social media platform, an influencer or a media partnership that will make all the young people instantly engage with our brand, buy our product or use our services.

Unfortunately, there is no magic solution or social media platform that you need to be on to make ‘the youth’ interested in you. What young people want is for you to be real.

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