BO2021 Speaker Presentations – 7

Toke Lund

CEO and Executive Advisor at EnterSpeed‎

Toke Lund is CEO and Executive Advisor at EnterSpeed.

He worked in senior strategic positions at LEGO and also operated as Head of Digital at Dansk Supermarked, where he drove the digital transformation across big Danish retail companies.

Speed Matters - The Importance of Speed and Performance for your Website

Many companies focus on personalisation, search and filters, but often forget the most fundamental aspect of them all: speed. If your website is slow, you will lose customers before you even get to work on all the exciting stuff.

Performance is fundamental but can be complex to handle. There are a lot of benefits to high performance: Better SEO scores, better ranking, more organic traffic, lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and better customer satisfaction, etc.

In his talk, Toke will share some useful tips that will make sure that your site is performing at its maximum and allowing your customers to get to the good stuff, quicker.

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