Sophie Greig

Head of Brand at JustGiving

Sophie is Head of Brand at JustGiving, the most loved fundraising website - helping people raise money for the charities and people they care about.

With a background in social media, content and product marketing, she’s passionate about taking a creative and user-focused approach to shaping brand strategy.

In a world of advancing technology, customer expectations are tougher than ever…”What do you mean you don’t have oat milk?”, “What do you mean it’s going to take 2-3 working days to be delivered?” That’s why delighting customers rather than simply satisfying them is critical if we want our businesses to stand out from the crowd.

When expectations are met, you’ve got customer satisfaction, but when they’re exceeded – that’s customer delight. We all know it as a buzz-word, but are we actually delivering? Sophie talks about how incorporating a customer-delight strategy (with that all-important human approach) into your company values will help form meaningful relationships and communities that lead to customer retention.

She’ll walk through real-life examples from JustGiving - like Captain Tom, the 99-year-old who came along and stole the hearts of the nation (oh yeah, and raised over £30 million for charity with one simple idea).

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