BO2021 Speaker Presentations – 8

Natalia Witczyk

Head of SEO at Novicell

Natalia Witczyk is an SEO Manager in Novicell Spain. She specialises in Technical SEO and International SEO, working on SEO strategies for some of the biggest international websites in the world.

Originally from Poland, her experience comes from the agency side, with vast experience first in UK, and for the last 3 years in Barcelona. Natalia is an active member of Mujeres en SEO (Women in SEO community) and considers herself a true internet geek.

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of Search Engine Optimisation

Navigating the SEO landscape on its own is quite a challenge. Add the international aspect to the mix, and things get complicated very quickly.

What’s better: a local domain for every country or just one .com global website? Are subdomains a good idea? How do I make sure my content for US and UK is not treated as duplication? Is the hreflang correctly implemented? Is Yandex and Baidu algorithm very different from Google’s? How do I crawl the entire site with millions of pages?

The talk will tackle all these international SEO doubts from a hands-on, practical perspective. And is there any better way to learn than analysing the mistakes committed by the others?

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