The Speakers

2021 Speakers

We already have a fantastic line up of expert speakers from a wide range of industries, services and companies. Each of their talks will uncover what it means to engage with and provide excellent digital experiences to customers, and how they have accelerated their own businesses doing exactly that.

Prepare to be inspired!

Alex Hunter

Former Global Head of Digital

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Bruce Daisley

Former Twitter VP and Best Selling Author

Mark Adams

Senior VP and Head of Innovation at Vice Media

Mario Tarantino

Senior E-commerce Manager at Huel

Natalia Witczyk

SEO Manager

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Rob Beswick

Managing Director

Toke Lund

CEO and Executive Advisor

Emma Burstow

Developer Advocate

Waseem Kawaf

Global Director of Digital Experience

Andy Freeman

Head of Marketing Strategy, Communications and Brand

Dave Baldwin

Head of Digital Marketing

Gitte Kristensen

Former eCommerce, Sales and Marketing Director

David Saidden

Director of Strategic Partnerships at TikTok

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Want to speak at BO2021?

Novicell always welcomes people with an inspiring message to encourage and motivate our conference audience. If you think that is you, apply here:

Lise Grove Dalsgaard
Head of Internal Marketing at Novicell UK

[email protected]

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