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How to Launch A Fully Digital Mobile Operator

When Virgin Mobile UAE launched in the spring of 2017, it was the first fully digital mobile operation in the Middle East – maybe in the world. A fully app-based solution where all customers signed up through the Virgin Mobile app on iOS and Android devices.

Virgin Mobile promised to deliver the SIM card to customers inside 60 minutes of the order being completed through the app. That promise is still kept today and has been followed by other innovations including fully digital eSIM sign-up and management, and video verification of new customers.

Rob will share how these and other innovations have helped Virgin Mobile penetrate the highly saturated UAE mobile market while staying close to its customers and winning numerous awards in the process.

Rob Beswick

Chief Commercial Officer

Rob is Chief Commercial Officer of Virgin Mobile UAE. He’s been with Virgin Mobile since 2011 and has previously served as Group Vice President for Brand and Deputy CEO for Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia.

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