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Business Online conference is coming to London!

After nine years of bringing the Danish digital community together, Novicell is hosting its first Business Online conference in London this Autumn.

The all-day conference will take place on 16 September 2021 at the Museum of London, and not only will there be a fantastic line up of digital-expert speakers, but also delicious food and drinks, networking opportunities, business inspiration and an all-you-can-eat and drink afterparty to end the conference on a high.

The conference is aimed at ambitious professionals working in digital, e-commerce, marketing and business development – within both B2B, B2C and in the public sector.

As the name suggests, the conference will be geared towards business ventures in the online space and how to optimise your customer experiences using the latest digital insight. Expect answers to the big questions about the future of digital services and what they could mean for you, your business and your customers.


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What you can expect from Business Online 2021?

Digital Experience

Improve your digital experience

The conference will be geared towards business ventures in the online space and how to optimise the digital experiences that you offer to your customers.


Networking opportunities

It is an international conference, so there will be ample opportunity to network with people from all over Europe and build valuable, long-term business connections over a coffee or lunch.

Practical Solutions

Learn practical solutions

We’ll provide you with tangible solutions and innovative ideas that can be applied now, so you can start making an immediate impact on your customers and your business.

Passionate Specialists

Passionate specialists

The all-day event will feature three stages where passionate digital specialists will talk about what is exciting them now within their field of work.

Who's talking?

We already have a fantastic line-up of expert speakers who are as innovative as they are eloquent, driven as they are down-to-earth. All are ready to inspire and motivate you to achieve more from your business and elevate your customer experiences.

More speakers to be announced soon!

Alex Hunter

Former Global Head of Digital

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Bruce Daisley

Former Twitter VP and best-selling author

Tom Picken

Group Head of Marketing

Charlotte Spokes


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Lots of new ideas, lots of inspiration for
how to proceed with our digital journey

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Malene Hartz Munk Hagesen

Online specialist at Eniig

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We come to network and to get inspiration for upcoming business challenges

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Kristian Lemme

Project Manager at Stofa

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