What you can expect from
Business Online 2021?

Digital Experience

Business Online 2021 is a conference for people who care about their customers and want to improve their digital experience.

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Practical solutions

We’ll give you practical solutions that can be applied now, so you can start making an immediate impact on your customers and their business.

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Passionate specialists

The all-day event will take place on 25 March 2021, and will feature three stages where passionate specialists will talk about what is exciting them now.


There also will be plenty of opportunities for good old-fashioned networking over a coffee or glass of something throughout the day.

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You will come away with learnings and connections that will help you deliver customer experiences that delight and meet your business ambitions.

Who's talking?

We already have an exciting line-up of speakers who are as innovative as they are eloquent, driven as they are down-to-earth. All are ready to inspire and motivate you to achieve more from your online business.

Many more speakers to be announced!

Lots of new ideas, lots of inspiration for how to proceed with our digital journey

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Malene Hartz Munk Hagesen
Online specialist at Eniig

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